We not only help enhance people’s lives, but also your store’s earning potential
As a merchant offering the best, you know quality comes at a price. Unfortunately, it also means even customers with a strong desire to buy, often cannot. So, they pick the easy way out. Promise to call or return, only to never come back. Here’s the good news. We have just the solution for that. You can now offer your customers the option of making a payment through a loan and avail of your services.

Sign-up with Dili today and open up a world of convenience for your customers. Dili is online and works through a simple mobile App and a website. You only need to send the customer an SMS containing the link to download the App using the Dili mobile utility provided to you. The customer simply follows instructions on the App or website to get the loan. The loan amount, after deductions, is paid directly to you. No more waiting to receive the payment from the customer. So, give your business a boost.Sign up with Dili today.
Zero cost EMI education loan - Dili
Greater earning with minimum effort
Simple sign-up process
Just fill out our online form and we will get in touch with you to set you up for Dili loan options. Once you sign-up, just download the Dili Merchant App on your phone and you are set
Minimal involvement in the loan process
Just send a SMS link to your customer using the Dili Merchant App. The customer downloads the Dili Mobile App or logs in to the Dili website and completes the loan process entirely on his own.
Direct payments to merchant accounts
Once the loan is approved, Dili partner NBFC/Bank pays the loan proceeds directly into your bank account. The entire process can be completed in a few minutes on the Dili App or website by the customer. Make sure you never lose a customer because the payment never came.
4 easy steps to loan fulfilment
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  3. Step 3
  4. Step 4
As a Dili merchant, use our service to push a link to the customer’s mobile via SMS.
Apply to be a dili merchant
Two easy ways to sign up to be a Dili merchant
You can apply to be a Dili merchant by filling our online application or downloading it and submitting it independantly. However you choose to apply, learn more about the documents we require here.

Before applying, review our Merchant Terms and Conditions here.