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Nurture creative and sporting talent
Have a budding Picasso in the family or a junior Mozart? Give your child the best creative arts coaching without worrying about how to pay. dili loans makes it easy.

You think your child hits the ball harder than Tendulkar or shoots a goal better than Ronaldo? Now is the time to live this dream. Enroll him to the top ranked sports clinic in town and watch him grow to be the star sportsman. Take a dili loan and make it happen now.

  • Coaching for vocals/ dance/instrumental/speech and drama
  • Coaching for Art/ Sculpting/ animation/ graphic designing/photography
  • Coaching for Film making/radio-video jockey
  • Coaching for Sports
  • Skill training in areas of IT, Makeup, carpentry etc.
  • Other areas of skill and talent development
Mumbai Cricket Club
Cricket being the most popular sport in India every youngster loves to play Cricket and desires to play at a higher level. Such youngsters work hard and try to improve their game, but lack of proper guidance makes it difficult for them to achieve their goals. This could be the factor differentiating them from those who succeed Taking the case of Sachin and Vinod Kambli, while both of them had the same coach, the one of the driving factors that has contributed to the success of Sachin is the motivation and guidance that he received from his brother Aijt.In this way right guidance and motivation along with proper and structured training helps in building a player.
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